Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!!

I'm finally back to blogging again! It has been entirely too long and I have seriously missed it!
For today's post I have a couple of different looks for you as well as a mani and pedi. First, the mani, I used OPI's San Tan-Tonio as the base color. Once that dried I took black rhinestones and lined them down the middle of each finger. Here's how they turned out:

This mani was so simple and fast and I absolutely love it! Alex and I were going out with a couple of friends that night and I wanted to have something on my nails that was a little more fancy than I normally do. I think it went perfectly with my outfit and I literally did them in less than an hour!
Next we have a pedi that I did a few weeks ago for Valentine's Day. For my base I used Confetti's First Kiss ( which I found to be totally appropriate for V-day). I then used clear rhinestones and made a half moon shape with them on both my big toes and then on the rest I did a single rhinestone on the base and in the middle. Here is how those turned out:

I really liked this pedicure because it was simple yet classy and of course I loved the little bling it added!

Next I have a couple different outfit looks that I put together and wanted to share.

For the first look I paired skinny jeans with a white tank top and a black fitted blazer over that. To add a little extra something I added my leopard print infinity scarf as well as my leopard flats. For the accessories I paired the outfit with my gold watch as well as a few different bracelets in the same color family to match the outfit - so blacks, golds, & even some brown.

I love this look for a day at the office or even for going out shopping with your girls. It's simple to put together and very comfortable. A blazer over any t-shirt helps to put an outfit together without any effort.
My next look is very similar, just spiced up a bit with some wedges. For this outfit I wore skinnies again and rolled the bottoms, then wore a loose fitting racer back blouse. Over my blouse I wore a brown loose fitting sweater and to finish it off used another leopard print scarf. For my shoes I chose a camel brown wedge that helped add a pop of color with the yellow around the trim of the shoe.

I really liked this outfit, but next time think I would pair it was a brown leather jacket and also use a scarf that had more color in it, maybe even yellow to help the shoes to pop a little bit more. Overall, I did like the outfit, but would make a few tweaks.

For tomorrow's post I will be posting a review of a couple different make up companies that I use and also possibly a makeup tutorial if time permits.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Tuesday and it feels great to be back!

XoXo Brit

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