Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making Up for Lost Time

First and foremost, I need to apologize to my blog and my readers - I am SO immensely sorry that I have neglected you so much for the past 2 months. :( Please find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully after you finish reading my post you will look past my neglection and will forgive me.

While I have been MIA from my blog, I have not stopped doing my nails or taking pictures of the manicures I've been doing. So today I want to share with you just a few different looks I did as well as quite a few new nail polishes I've picked up in the mean time.

For this first mani I wanted to add a little sparkle (of course, who doesn't like sparkle?!). For my middle and ring finger I used Essie's Set in Stones, I've had my eye on this polish for quite some time now and finally decided to get it and I'm sure glad I did. It is gorgeous!! For my remaining fingers I used Essie's Turquoise & Caicos, which is a gorgeous turquoise blue and goes on amazing! Here's the finally result:

  My next mani was a polish that I have been on the hunt for everywhere!! I've been wanting a really gorgeous emerald green and the other day Alex and I were at Target when I spotted it. I about screamed with excitement! When I found out it was on sale for only $3 I screamed some more :) Anyways since it's such a gorgeous color I wanted to just leave it alone and not add any nail art or anything to it. Its by Revlon and called Posh, so fitting!

Now the remaining pictures are just some poloshes that I've picked up in the last couple weeks:

Left to Right - Essie Set in Stones, Nicole by OPI Luke of the Draw, Sally Hansen Golden Rule
Essie Set in Stones

Nicole by OPI Luke of the Draw

Sally Hansen Golden Rule

Julep - Freedom Top Coat, Leila, Joy
Julep Freedom Top Coat
Julep Leila

Julep Joy

China Glaze Electric Pineapple, Water You Waiting For

China Glaze Water You Waiting For

China Glaze Electric Pineapple

Spoiled Let's Get Sushi, Revlon Posh

Spoiled Let's Get Sushi

Since this post was so pic heavy I'm going to end on that note. I am hoping sometime this week to post another makeup tutorial, this one is going to be about contouring your face, which is my new obsession!


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