Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Pedicure

Happy Halloween Everyone!
For today's pedicure I did something festive for Halloween. For this pedicure I used Wet N Wild's Club Havana and Kiss's Nail Art Paint in Black.
First I painted all my toes in Club Havana and let them dry. Next I painted a diagonal stripe on all my toes with Kiss's Nail Art Paint black and painted the top section in. After that I wasn't too impressed so I wanted to add a little something extra. On both my big toes I added rhinestones along the diagonal and then all on all my other toes I grabbed Kiss's Nail Art Paint in silver and painted along the diagonal as well.
Here is my finished result:


What does your Halloween mani or pedi look like?? Feel free to send pictures at

I'd like to introduce everyone to my pride and joy - Kali. Kali loves long walks outside, playing fetch, and dressing up!

Here is Kali in her Halloween costume:

Isn't she precious!? Does anyone else dress up their dogs for Halloween?

Anyways hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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