Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Go Niners!

Yesterday in honor of the San Francisco 49ers playing in the championship game I did my nails to show my loyalty. For the pinky, pointer and thumb I used Wet n Wild's Red Red and sponged the tips with Ebony Hates Chris. For the middle and ring fingers I used Nicole by OPI's Disco Dolls. For the ring finger I used my Kiss finger paint nail polish to paint on the SF and for the middle finger I used my Sally Hansen nail art pen in white. For my other three fingers I used the nail art pen as well to write with.
I absolutely love these nails and I love the Niners! Did anyone else see that game yesterday?? Such a nail bitter. Here's a little fun fact about myself - I went to high school with Colin Kaepernick, the Niners QB, he's a year older than me and hung out in my group of friends. Pretty cool, huh?
Back to polish, I haven't bought any polish lately, and by lately I mean like a week or two :) I was at the store getting medicine the other day, when I noticed that the Nicole by OPI was still 50% off so I bought two more bottles. On the left is a texture polish in black and the right is My Empire... My Rules.
Here's a swatch of My Empire... My Rules, unfortunately this is the only polish that I've gotten to swatch.
 I also picked up a polish from Revlon's new line of Moon Candy, this one is called Galactic and I can't wait to try it.

Here are three more polishes I swooped up at TJ Maxx, the brand is called Material Girl, which I've never heard of, but the bottle was pretty cute as were the colors. A review of the polishes and the brand will be coming some time this week (I hope).
Last ones I swear... for this post :) and I didn't get these all in the same day. These are two different shades of green by Sinful Colors, the left one is called Beau Khaki and the right is San Francisco. Now I must admit that I wouldn't have bought San Francisco if it wasn't for Alex, he forced me to buy it because he loved the name so much. We will see how it looks on..
Hope everyone had a great start to their work week!
Xo Brit

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