Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Nail Mail Post

I'm already off to a bad start as I have been MIA on my blog the past two days. My apologies, but I promise I have some great pictures for you as I got my first nail mail on Friday. I also went to the beauty supply store with my boyfriends cousin today and picked up a ton of nail polish.

WARNING: post is pic heavy!

Before I get to the pictures I need to tell you about this amazing site I discovered about a year ago. It's called and it is Ah-mazing! It is a Nordstrom Company and is a members-only shopping website that offers limited-time sale events with top brands in women's and men's fashion, jewelry and accessories. I have gotten soo many great finds on that website, most recently this little beauty that came in Friday along with my nail mail.

Onto my nail mail.

I ordered Mash's stamping plates 26-50, the stamper and scrape, a set of 5 dotting tools, and 12 color round nail art rhinestones. Here is a pic of my purchase:

Friday night I decided to play a little with the stamping plates and I must say for such a simple thing it was very hard and frustrating!! Either my stamp wouldn't fully transfer of there would be a ton of excess polish and the stamp would turn out awful. I got very frustrated and gave up. I took a couple of pictures, but am refusing the post them as they are very imbarrassing and I'm sure a small child could do a better job than I did. On Thursday night I convinced Alex to come with me to CVS for a nail polish run and picked up 8 nail polishes as they were having a sale. Here's what I picked up:

Left to right - Rain Check, SaGreena the Teenage Witch, New Years Kiss, Sparkles, & Gray's Anatomy

 Left to right - Black MambaTazmanian Devil, & Permission to Proceed

Here's a mani I did last night with Spoiled's Black Mamba and two coats of Confetti Tazmanian Devil:

Please excuse the chipped nails as this was taken tonight :)
Now onto today's score!! I was so excited because I got to go to the beauty supply store and get OPI, China Glaze, and other pricey polishes for a lot less! Here's my lot I brought home :)

Venique - Platinum Pointies, Hurray Huarache, Full-On Brogue, Wrapped in Jewels, Spike-It!, Peep Toe Shoe

China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise, Winter Holly, Thataway, Champagne Kisses
OPI - DS Magic, DS Bold, Goldeneye
For tonight's manicure I really wanted to try out Venique as I had never heard of the brand and wanted to see if the polishes went on nice. I chose Full-On Brogue and I'm so happy I did! It went on so nicely and the color is just gorgeous, I especially love it for fall.
Check it out:


I'm off to go get ready for Revenge! If anyone has any tips for stamping I am all ears! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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