Monday, November 26, 2012

From the Vault

Tonight's post is from the vault as right now I am currently sitting in the hospital next to grandpa.

This is a pedicure I did a couple months ago. In it I used Sally Hansen's Wet Cement, Sinful Colors Summer Peach, and Sinful Colors Neon Melon. First, I painted all my toes with Wet Cement, once those were completely dry I taped different angles off and painted with either Summer Peach or Neon Melon. Here's how it turned out:

I absolutely loved how this pedicure turned out and am thinking of doing a more winter/fall version of it.

I also meant to share this picture with you guys last night, but totally forgot. It's a picture of Alex, Kali, and I on Thanksgiving:

Happy Holidays!!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

PS - I recently change my blog page and wanted some feedback from readers. Is it to hard to read the right and left columns due to the black bow? Should I consider changing it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)



  1. I hope Grandpa is doing okay!

    I like the bows but they do distract a bit. Is there a template that allows a background for your sidebars? I'm thinking something like Jillian Harris' blog (she has her side links with a different background within her main text borders:

    Love the pedicure! I wish I was as talented as you are! I'm lucky to paint my toes solid without getting polish all over my toes :)

  2. He's about the same, still at the hospital.

    I've been trying to find some sort of background for the sidebars, but can't seem to. I think I'll have to do some HTML coding to do it because I love the bows, but don't want them to make it to hard thread.

    I can always do a pedi for you!