Wednesday, November 28, 2012

imPRESS Review and Chevron Pedicure

Hey everyone, I apologize for being absent yesterday. Grandpa is still in the hospital, we are hoping to get him home tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

For today's nails I decided to try imPRESS fast & easy nails in 56673, which is black. I decided to do this since I've been so busy lately and haven't been able to give my nails the attention they deserve, and also since I have been neglecting them a few have broken :( I have to say that it was such an easy process. First, you remove any nail polish you currently have on, then in the kit they provide you a little prep pad and just rub each nail with the pad (I'm pretty sure it was just an alcohol wipe). Next, you fit the nails to yours so the sizes match for all ten fingers. Once you have those laid out you are ready to start sticking them on. There is a little tab at the bottom of each nail that lets you know that it is the base of the nail and also is where you pull the cover over the adhesive off. What I found easy while I was applying the nails that I would put the base of the nails just slightly over my real nail, kind of hovering, and make sure that it is straight then you press firmly in the middle and then on the sides. Here is how mine turned out:

The bottle says that they can last up to a week, so we shall see about that!

Now onto my toes! :)

I wanted to test out my Julep Michelle polish that I received in last months Maven box so a week or so ago I painted my toes with it. They turned out gorgeous and I loved how nicely the polish went on. Michelle is a very pretty deep blue, which I absolutely love. When I did them I knew they needed a little something extra, but just couldn't decide what. So tonight while my boyfriend and I were at the hospital we decided to take a little break and went to Michaels. I was able to talk him into making me a photo light box from a tutorial I found on Pinterest! YAY!! So while we were there getting some supplies i found some craft scissors that are perfect for the chevron design that I am so totally in love with right now.

Here's how my toes turned out:

For the grey chevron stripes I used Sally Hansen's Wet Cement.

I am so excited for many things right now, a couple are : A) My light box to be completed tomorrow by my amazing boyfriend. B) That I joined my first nail challenge!!! It's being put on by Sam over at Polished Art . and finally C) That grandpa could be coming home tomorrow!!

I hope that everyone had a great Hump day and now I'm off for some much needed Zzzzzzzzzzzz's


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