Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Very Frustrated Right Now!

I'm so upset right now! I did this awesome makeup video for you guys today on my iPad and for some reason it won't upload!!! I've tried everything and it won't work. Any tips, anyone!?!

Thank goodness I did a manicure today and have a back up post or else I would be even more upset. This manicure is OPI's My Private Jet and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! It is an espresso brown with small glitter flecks in it. I don't even know how else to describe it, I am just in love with it so much. I wonder how it would look with in matte? Might have to try it next time.... Anyways here are the pics:

I did manage to snap a few photos when I was finished with my smokey eye tutorial so here are some pictures as well. Hopefully tomorrow when I have more time I can try to get the video uploaded, if not I will just have to re-create it :)

Hope everyone had a great day and tomorrow's Thursday!! YAY!


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